Literature English



Medical Terminology Peggy S. Stanfield, Y.H.Hui, Nanna Cross: Essential Medical Terminology, 3rd Edition
(Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc.)
[ISBN 978-0763749132]


Manual of EnglishJoy Parkinson: A Manual of English for the Overseas Doctor, 5th Edition
(Churchill Livingstone)
[ISBN 978-0443061363]


English in MedicineEric Glendinning, Beverly A. S. Holmström: English in Medicine, 3rd Edition
(Cambridge University Press)


Professional English in UseEric Glendinning, Ron Howard: Professional English in Use - Medicine
(Cambridge University Press)
[ISBN 978-3125395879]


good practiceMarie Mc Cullagh, Ros Wright: Good Practice - Communication Skills in English for the Medical Practitioner + DVD - (Cambridge University Press)
[ISBN 978-0521755900]


Test your EnglishAlison Pohl - Series Editor : Nick Brieger: Test your - Professional English - Medical
(Penguin English Guides)









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