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electrocardiogram (ECG)  - e.g. sinus rhythm, arrhythmia, P wave, QRS complex, T wave, ST interval/segment, elevation or depression of any segment, the leads, electrode jelly
spinal tap 
bladder catheterization
paracentesis (e.g. of ascitic fluid)
digital examination of the prostate gland / rectal exam
endoscopy, gastroscopy, colonoscopy
ultrasound (e.g. cardiac, abdominal, uterine)
X-ray studies (e.g. chest X-ray, sinus films, barium enema, tomography, coronary angiography)
CAT (computer assisted tomography) scan
MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)
dialysis treatment
gastric lavage
allergy testing of the skin
nerve conducting studies
blood transfusion (PRBCs, FFP, whole blood)


hemogram (CBC = complete blood count, WBC, platelets, polymorphonuclear leukocytes, hematocrit, ESR)
urinalysis (osmolality, glucose, erythrocytes, albumin), uric acid
LFTs = liver function tests (ALT, AST, AP, bilirubin)
BUN (blood urea nitrogen), creatinine, electrolytes (sodium, potassium, chloride)
arterial blood gases (ABG) 
lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL-cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol)
blood glucose (fasting, random, postprandial)
blood cultures (aerobic and anaerobic organisms)
Gram stain (e.g. of a sputum specimen)
PFTs = pulmonary function tests (e.g. functional residual capacity, dead space volume)
renal function tests (e.g. creatinine clearance)
Coags: coagulation tests (e.g. bleeding time, prothrombin time = PT = Quick test, partial thromboplastin time = PTT, INR = International normalized ratio)
stool measurements (wet and dry weight, stool fat, occult blood)
CSF: cerebrospinal fluid (e.g. culture and sensitivity of bacteria, initial pressure)


(arterial) line placement
to draw blood, to take a blood sample
to draw up a blood gas
to give a patient several drips/saline IV and a transfusion of blood
to stent an artery
to put a patient on a morphine drip, on oxygen
to numb the skin with an injection
gastric suction by nasogastric tube
Talking about tests/procedures
You are going to feel a needle stick/a poke.
Have you had a test for diabetes lately?
We need to take an X-ray. 
We will have to do an ECG, some blood work and urine tests.
I think that a CT-scan (CAT scan) should be done. 
You may need surgery/an operation.
Have you ever had a mammogram?
Have you ever had a colon cancer screening?
We will check your cholesterol.
Have you had an HIV test?
You should have our eyes tested.
I would like to do a blood test to rule it out.
I would like to take a sample of blood.
Your blood work shows normal results.
Your abdominal ultrasound study shows a normal bile duct.
You are at a low risk of having…
I cannot find anything wrong with your legs.
I expect that you will be all right.
All the necessary tests have been done.
I will give you an injection/ a flu vaccine/ a flu shot
This is not a serious disorder.
I advise you to drink a lot of fluid.
This will clear up on its own.
There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with your shoulder.
I want to see you again in two weeks and we will go from there.
I want you to stay in bed for two days.
I will arrange for you to go to the hospital for further tests.
Performing tests and talking about the results
CBC to assess for anemia
to order a CT-scan
to run (order) routine laboratory tests
to perform studies
urinary analysis (urinalysis), containers, lab studies, laboratory results
to grow out bacteria
A lumbar puncture yielded clear colorless CSF.
abnormal LFTs and elevated bilirubin
On the CXR there was an infiltrate in part of the right lower lobe. No pleural effusion.
The blood cultures failed to show evidence of bacteremia.
Specimens of blood, urine and stool were obtained for culture.
to come back negative (a test)
colon cancer screening, annual mammography
The WBC exceeded the normal range.


We can treat you with medication.
I am going to prescribe you…. I am going to write you a prescription for…I will give you prescriptions for both drugs. 
Don’t take it on an empty stomach.
The patient received penicillin for two weeks.
Fluid and electrolytes were administered by vein and the patient was observed.
The dose of the medication has been raised to…
Side effects, adverse reactions to medications
Contraindications for this drug include liver or kidney impairment.


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