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Spanish language course for medics in several chapters (starting from B1 level)


To learn Spanish medical vocabulary and its pronunciation.


Practising Spanish
This site is presented as a free medical Spanish immersion, with vocabulary including history, examination, and everyday speech, all with translation and audio. It is designed to be helpful for a variety of medical personnel. In addition to introducing Spanish medical terms, this site will hopefully improve fluency and even cultural competency.


Free email lessons and learning resources to learn medical Spanish.





Medical Emergencies:





EUGLOSS - Multilingual Glossary of technical and popular medical terms in nine European Languages - A project commissioned by The EuropeanCommission(DG III) and executed by Heymans Institute of Pharmacology and Mercator School, Department of applied Linguistics (University of Gent)..
MedicalSpanish for the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, & Blackberry. Includes audio resources like: Emergency medical Spanish guide, Dental Spanish guide, Physical therapy Spanish


A multi-lingual glossary of Medical terms from Kenyon College


The Learn Spanish Live Online Network - Offers a selection of resources and tools to learn and practice Spanish.


Medical Spanish podcast - Interactive Spanish lessons for mp3 players to learn on the go.








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